Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on the Head Halter

So I mentioned in an earlier post that Rocket hates her head halter and I was attempting to re-introduce it, as it does have some benefits over more traditional type training tools.

Well, we worked and worked, and she still just flat out hates that thing. I mean, just hates it. I've never seen her look so tortured in her life when that is on her. Does she not pull, and walk nicely with me? Yes. Does she seem to whither and curl up in hatred? Yes. Does she refuse to even look at me, or even take a treat with it on? Yes! 

For the record, I have used almost every training device on Rocket known to the human world, and the head halter is the only thing that elicits total agony from her, somehow to her, its a torture device. She will gladly wear harnesses, collars, clothes, car safety belts, hats, scarfs (fashionista poodle), glasses, gloves, elizabethan collars for sick days, everything. She wore reindeer antlers at Christmas time a couple years ago, and posed for pictures. She is extremely tolerant of all sorts of goofy stuff - but the head halter? Never.

Most the time I am strict and stubborn with Rocket, so what I say, goes. At the same time, I respect her, and with some things, I think its good to listen and let her make her choice 

So...there you have it. 

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