About Me

A Little About Us
I have been a dog person since I was tiny, I have always been a devoted student to breeds, behavior, and health. Rocket is leash reactive and dog reactive. She is often a little freaked out by people as well. She is high drive and a "worrier" and tends to - at her worst - react vocally. Very vocally. Since learning about what reactivity is and experiencing it first hand with Rocket, I have become completely consumed by learning everything I can about behavior modification. I am very influenced by Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed - check it out!

About This Blog
I have found a couple blogs on reactivity and realized that I was not alone. My vision for this blog is twofold: to act as a journal of our progress and to act as a one-stop spot for resources on reactivity. On each blog I will post my references so everything I have learned can be in one spot for all to access.

Please note I am not a professional trainer, I am not giving advice. Please, if you have reactivity issues, contact a professional who can help you to train. I hope you will enjoy this blog as a form of entertainment and support!

This is my dog standing still

This is what my dog is really like. All. The. Time.