Monday, April 1, 2013

First Day at the Dog Gym

Our first day at the dog gym went very well. I am calling it a dog gym for a reason - it is a place that is open all day and you can reserve training space. They have classes and other fun activities for dogs to do - it is a genius plan.

We reserved a time during the day when there was very little activity, and it went really well. We were blocked away physically and visually - since seeing things is what gets Rocket keyed up - and we had some fun practicing obedience and playing.

She only looked away a couple times and maybe "woofed" once or twice.

I was like a ninja trying to get in and out of there with her - and the owner helped me to make sure the way was clear to avoid any run-ins with dogs.

For a long time I was really unsure about telling people Rocket is reactive - people really dont like reactive dogs, and for good reason. For this place, however, I contacted the owner and told her our story, and she has been extremely helpful.

So my tip for today, be honest, ask for help, don't ever let your worries get in the way of helping your dog!

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